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BioDesign Team


The UF ASME Biodesign team is creating a robotic exoskeleton that will compete at the ACE competition. During the ACE Competition, a 30lb weight will be placed on the back of the exoskeleton. The pilot will be asked to do tasks that compose the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) for firefighters. Tasks include:​ Walking up and downstairs, balancing on a 12" beam, walking through uneven terrain, crouching approximately 2/3 the height of the pilot and moving through a small tunnel, dragging a 165lb mannequin 50 feet to an obstacle, around it, and back. The competition will also evaluate the time it takes to put on and take off the exoskeleton, the cost of the exoskeleton, and the design choices made to create the exoskeleton. All UF students are welcome to join our group to learn more about exoskeletons and how we’re designing them.

For the Spring 2020 semester, the Exoskeleton Design Team meets Monday & Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 PM and will take place at the SDC.

Link to our GroupMe:

Facebook group: @BioDesignTeam

Contact Information:

John Cassidy

Emily Griffis

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