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Design Teams

BioDesign Team

The University of Florida ASME BioDesign Team is competing for the first time at the 3rd Applied Collegiate Exoskeleton (ACE) Competition at the end of the Spring 2020 semester. The competition will be held at Michigan State University. Our mission is to attend and win the ACE competition by designing the best exoskeleton to complete the tasks given to us.


IAM3D is an additive manufacturing design team that designs and builds fully 3D-printed vehicles. For the 2020 Spring Competition IAM3D will be 3D-printing a FPV racing drone that can traverse an aerial obstacle course while going head-to-head with other drones. The competition will consist of 5 laps through the obstacle course with each drone picking up and dropping off a small payload on each lap.

HPVC is UF's Human Powered Vehicle design team, where we design and manufacture a recumbent bicycle to race every year at ASME's E-Fest against 50 other teams from around the world. Even if you're not particularly into bikes, if you're interested in learning about/using Solidworks, ANSYS, composites, or manufacturing processes like welding, come check us out! EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of experience level or major; we'll teach you anything and everything you need to know. Last year, we placed 8th out of 50 teams, and are aiming for top 5 this year!

A challenging and unique design prompt is given every year to test the engineering skills of participants. CAD, manufacturing, designing and programming are incorporated into creating the robot to fulfill the design prompt. During the competition, various teams from different schools and countries face off against each other to achieve victory.

Gator Vex Robotics consists of two teams that compete in the VexU Robotics Competition. We design, build, and program 4 different robots to compete at multiple competitions across the nation.

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