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Human Powered Vehicle


At E-Fest, we compete in drag races and an endurance race, so we design and test the bike with the specific needs of these types of races in mind. This design team is generally split into two subteams: drivetrain and composites. The drivetrain team works on the main body of the bike (which includes things like the frame, steering mechanism, and seating) while the composites team works on the aerodynamics of the bike (which mainly involves the fairing, which is a shell-like structure that reduces the drag experienced by the bike). While team members generally work in those subteams, there are plenty of members that do work for both subteams or take on tasks that do not necessarily fall into one of those two categories. All members regularly discuss ideas together and consult each other regardless of subteam to get everyone's valuable input and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Our team captains are Collin Hamilton, Matson Goodman (drivetrain), and Alyson Fan (composites).

We meet from 5:45 pm to 8:15 pm on Mondays and Thursdays at the UF Student Design Center/Solar Energy Park. Students often have conflicting schedules, and so to accommodate for that we offer two meetings a week; so if you're busy during one of them you can always come to the other, and if you're free you can come to both! This is off campus so if you do not have your own mode of transportation, you can either catch the buses that stop at the "University of Florida Energy Research" stop that's right at the Solar Park's entrance, or you can message in our Slack for a ride as plenty of our members drive cars.

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Instagram: uf.hpvc
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