We've changed platforms! We now use Discord for everything:

IAM3D Discord: https://discord.gg/RCZ46hJJyS 


IAM3D is an additive manufacturing design team that designs and builds fully 3D-printed vehicles. For the 2020 Spring Competition IAM3D will be 3D-printing a FPV racing drone that can traverse an aerial obstacle course while going head-to-head with other drones. The competition will consist of 5 laps through the obstacle course with each drone picking up and dropping off a small payload on each lap.

At the 2019 EFEST at Michigan State University, UF IAM3D competed and came in 5th place out of 8 teams with our 3D-printed hovercraft. This was our first year as a design team so the 2020 Competition will be our second competition ever! The rules explaining the competition further are here: https://efests.asme.org/EFests/media/public/resources/2020-ASME-IAM3D-Competition-Rules_FINAL.pdf


IAM3D meets every Tuesday at 6:30pm-8pm either at Mechanical Engineering Building B on campus or at the Student Design Center off campus. There's no experience required and attendance to every meeting is not mandatory!

Contact Information:

Vanessa Franco
(813) 997-4083