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Student Design Competition




Every year the American Society of Mechanical Engineering gives a design prompt with design constraints to complete. The prompt is released at the beginning of the Fall semester and based on a recent event that they think could benefit from an engineering solution. During the Fall semester, members break into multiple groups to brainstorm and prototype ideas. The best design(s) is drawn in SolidWorks and manufactured in the spring. The competition is held in the late spring where the members get to see their product in action. This club touches on various fields: manufacturing, design, 3D CAD, electronics, and aesthetics. Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE is required in this club!


We have won two national competitions and one international competition! We plan to continue the win streak and further grow the club. We have a quick course to teach beginners CAD, design, electronics, and manufacturing. In the course, you will be making a small robot that will be used in tabling and E-Fair, a field trip for k-12th students. If you are interested, be sure to check the contacts or go to any of the meetings!

Meeting Days:
Tuesday from 6:15pm - 7:30pm






Contact Information:

Brooke Ohlsson-

Gabriel Ocejo-

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